Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cocktail Party's are always fruity!!!

       I didn't get any pictures of my outfit on the night, and after looking through my camera this is probly the best. Technically this is a side photo here but hey! Im wearing a cream nastygal dress which is a recent purchase, and I decided to put a peacock hairband on because after all it was a cocktail party and I think some form of headware is very appropriate. Lol

This is my sister with the hat, she went for a fun festival boho vibe, with her Topshop feather trilby, a river island fringe cardigan and some denim hotpants and moda in pelle wedges to finish off her look.

Just a little photo with two of my sisters!!! I wish I got to see them more often.

The party!!! The relaxing area!

The party in full swing later on. This was just before all the boys jumped in the hot tub!!! Us girls just continued drinking the cocktails! Me and my sister took up djing duties, so there were definitely some good tunes to dance too!

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