Thursday, 9 June 2011

Warhol's Superstar's!

Edie Sedgwich (Image via                                                              

Jane Holzer (Image via                                                                

Candy Darling (Image via                                                              

 Susan Bottomly (Image via

At the height of the sixties the artist Andy Warhol made a number of films starring a combination of models, teenagers, socialites, ex-cons, transvestites and even street urchins. He referred to his muses as his "superstars" and while they didn't always conform to Hollywood standards, they certainly made an impact in their own right. Perhaps one of Warhol's most famous superstars was that of "Edie Sedgwich", the pinup 60's blond, who hailed an era of mascara adorning fans. She had a particularly difficult relationship with Warhol, and suffered with mental health issues throughout her life before dying of a drugs overdose at only 28. I have to say although the film "Factory Girl" based on the relationship between Warhol and Sedgwich, didn't recieve rave reviews I found it particulary enlightening. One thing is for sure Mr Warhol you were an intriging character in your own right!!!!

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  1. I was Edie Sedgwick this past Halloween! Though her story is tragic, she's my absolute favorite 60's icon ;)