Sunday, 29 May 2011

Second times a charm!!!

So this is actually my second time at setting up my blog, I set one up over a year ago, but I kind of neglected it because I was so busy, so hopefully the second times a charm! :) Summer is almost upon us now, and im in the middle of creating my wish/to do list for the summer/the rest of 2011. I only have 3 exams left, so I need to get myself a little job to finance my summer of festivals and travel. Im also currently trying to get an internship so I can gain some hands on experience in event/festival planning as it's an area im extremely interested in. One of the main goals on my list for 2011 is to start a part time music journalism course in Dublin in October. I actually graduate in October too, so im talking the year out from furthuring my studies in Economics, to pursue my other passion music. Im excited at the prospect of sharing my adventures with you readers, and im starting this blog to document my experiences and progressions, and as a way of looking back to see how far i've come. This blog will certainly be a journey, so fasten your seatbealts!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love,
To all those fabulouxatheart readers!Xoxo

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