Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Vintage Interiors!!!

Vintage fashion has gained a massive fashion following both internationally, and within Ireland and the UK in recent years. The number of shops and charity stores which continue to spring up all around the country not only showcase the growing market for the reasurrgence in vintage, antique & used clothes and accessories, but also our love for timeless goods. Interior design has embraced the concept of modern and contempory design for almost a decade now, so it seems fitting that the vintage market is now making an impact on our interiors also. Imagine the fabrics in our grandparents houses, lace, velvet, vintage floral, wrought Iron beds mixed with french furniture and dark woods. Many of these materials and fabrics can be sourced in antique and vintage markets for low prices, making it more purse friendly for the current economic market we find ourselfs in. Reclaming furniture is also a way to save money and get truely amazing one off pieces. Crochet and knitting may seem old fashioned but the fact that there are many shops openning up specialising in these materials, shows that we are once again embracing and appreciating handmade work. I found some beautiful pictures of vintage bedding which I absolutely adore, just to give you an idea of what you can create with the mix of  vintage fabrics and textures.


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