Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Master Cleanse!!!

I've decided to undergo the lemonade diet as i've been feeling a bit unhealthy lately, and I put on a few pounds from the exam binge. The master cleanse diet has been around for over 60 years and has proven results if followed, unlike the many fad diets of today. It was made more famous by Beyonce who under went the diet for her role in dreamgirls. The master cleanse/lemonade diet not only supports healthy weight loss but helps to eliminate toxins and congestion, while also cleansing the kidneys and the digestive system. So here goes, im starting day one of the master cleanse!!!! Wish me luck!

For all the information and ingredients see


  1. This sounds like it could be quite a good result- i might look at this too! Found your blog on chictopia, i love your confidence :) I am your new follower! Hope you have to time to stop by mine too and follow :)

    Natasha x

  2. Thanks dear, thats so nice of you I will definitely go take a look at your blog! :)