Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fortune-Teller maybe?


Sometimes I find myself gravitating towards dressing hippy chic and adorning lots of headbands & fringing, and I think it's a look that suits me probably due to my long hair. I've been meaning to get it trimmed for about a year now, but everytime I think I have enough courage to brave the hairdressers, I usually chicken out. So i've resorted to occasionally trimming the ends myself, just to keep my mother happy.Lol. I think my fear of the hairdressers is most likely to do with the fact that my mother brought me to the hairdressers when I was 8 and got all my hair chopped off. It was what I call a saucepan haircut and it wasn't pretty! And she wonders now why I avoid getting my hair cut at all measures. I guess im rebelling in my later life, so whenever she mentions the hairdressers I usually zone out, and end up giving it a little trim myself. I think im very recessionista friendly, a do it yourself kinda gal, but clearly I don't trust hairdressers. I think it should be essential that you can interview your hairdresser, because I wouldn't put my locks in the hands of someone who had a fashion to snipp away. I'll stop ranting now!!! Lol. I was wearing a vintage velvet mini dress with a beautiful peter pan colour, bought on ebay, and a vintage crystal necklace worn as a head band. Hope you guys & gals had a beautiful day.

Lots of love fabulouxatheart. Xoxo

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