Friday, 17 June 2011

Ebays picks of the week!

This vintage 80s 20s matallic sequin bead flapper scallop dress really is one of those rare finds. It's up on auction on and is currently $33 with 6 days till auction end. The dress was recently loaned out to wardrobe stylist Ashley Farnaz for an editorial shoot, and thus the beautiful image above. The dress can be left to hang on the natural frame of the body, or belted to give a more tailored look. A dress of this calibar can sell from anything from $100 to $300 dollars, so i'd keep a watchful eye on this little gem. also has many other beautiful items in their store so it's definitely worth a visit!

This vintage floral rose sheer maxi jacket is absolute paradise, and paired with a rocker tee and some vintage cut offs, equals heaven! It is equally as gorgeous worn as a maxi dress by simple adding a thin belt and a vintage trilby for indie perfection. It reminds me of the label UNIF, and im keeping a watchful eye on this one myself. It's currently priced at $60 dollars with 6 days to go, and although it's a little expensive it's definitely worth every penny. It's from the ebay shop minxievintage and they are definitely one to check out.

My last ebay pick of the week is for the more purse friendly fashionista, and im very excited about this find myself. It's currently priced at $9.99 with 7 days to go. This 1990's abstract jacket would be perfect for all those summer festivals when the sun goes down, or equally as understated worn with some high waist flared jeans, a sheer camie and a wide brimmed hat. I've just come across this ebay store this week, Tribe Vintage and the have some great bohemian finds. I've decided im going to do a post each week on my best ebay finds, so stay tuned for some lust worthy items! xoxo

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